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Portfolio Producer

Expand your Broker and Correspondent markets

Portfolio Producer™ is a sales technology and product distribution system for wholesalers and investors. Portfolio Producer assists aggregators with their business objective to reach and grow their broker and correspondent channels, helping TPOs with program fit and price discovery, while enabling the aggregator to operate more efficiently and focus on only correctly-priced, qualified loans.

With the re-emergence of non-agency and portfolio lending, educating third-party originators (TPOs) about program guidelines and risk-based pricing is a tremendous challenge. Without automation, loans quoted upfront to the borrower can be mispriced or full packages put together and submitted to underwriting that will actually never fly.

Reach originators inside their LOS

Portfolio Producer is a sales distribution system designed specifically for the wholesaler and investor, giving them a captive entry point directly from Point® and PathSoftware™. Point users do not have to sign up to access the service, giving the participating aggregator ready access to both existing and prospective TPOs at the point-of-sale. Reaching originators from their LOS is a great new opportunity for account executives to drive more business.

Portfolio Producer works independently of the aggregator's current portal or loan submission process, enabling a fast go-to-market pool for originators, a truly turnkey solution without any IT buildout or long-term burden.
Give TPOs access to your PPE and AUS at the point-of-sale.

Seamlessly integrates with the Calyx Point and PathSoftware Loan Origination Systems

Portfolio Producer places the wholesaler or investor directly in the LOS so all Calyx Point® and Path® users can see them by name and pull up a branded, aggregator-specific product and pricing engine (PPE) and automated underwriting system (AUS) on demand from any Point or Path loan.

Via a seamless two-way interface, Portfolio Producer automatically performs a deep-dive analysis of originators' complete loan applications and credit reports, and uploads the selected product profile, fully-adjusted price, and underwriting findings back into the LOS, keeping the TPO in sync with the aggregator offerings in real time.

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