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    Automated Distribution and Decisioning

    Give TPOs Access to Your PPE and AUS at the Point-of Sale.

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  • Custom AUS

    Personalized AUS Engine

    Your distinguished brand. Your custom rules.

    Empower Your Enterprise with our Custom AUS Engine.

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  • FHA TOTAL Scorecard AUS Alternative

    FHA Findings Reports

    AUS Alternative for Accessing FHA TOTAL Scorecard.

    Work Smarter with our FHA Findings Reports.

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What Others Are Saying

  • "It's an amazing tool. It's nice to have something measurable and this is really good to see."

    David Gant
    Vice President, Avenue Bank

  • "I love it. My internal auditors were impressed with the Findings Report."

    Donna Tiso
    Senior Vice President & Retail Lending Manager,
    North Brookfield Savings Bank

  • "It's a good research mechanism that tells whether I might have an issue with a loan."

    Amber Jones
    Underwriting Officer, Vision Bank

Three-Time Award Winner

Top 50 Mortgage Tech Service Provider

Top 50 Mortgage Tech Service Provider

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The same automated underwriting power you rely on for agency loans is now available for your non-agency, portfolio and investor loans. Schedule a demo during CMBA’s Western Secondary.
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