Compliance Made Simple

Offering non-agency and portfolio products opens up new business opportunities, but it also comes with increased responsibility in today’s regulatory environment. Avoid compliance violations—and the penalties and reputational damage that come with them—by implementing systems that ensure you consistently apply policies and procedures to every loan. Automated technology enables you to document your files with your lending decision so it's easily defensible in a regulatory audit.

Uniform Loan Underwriting


Ensure unbiased and uniform underwriting, as well as objective loan loss reserves calculations.

Non-QM Loan Guidelines for Quality Assurance


Ensure loans are originated according to your program guidelines and exceptions are handled consistently.

Auditing Non-QM Loan Decisions & Penalties


Avoid costly penalties from compliance violations, and streamline the auditing of your lending decisions.

Findings Report and Compliance


Retain and demonstrate your evidence of compliance with a detailed findings report on every loan you approve or deny.

Ensure Fair Lending

Demonstrate a consistent, quality underwriting process is being used to manufacture non-agency, ATR-compliant loans. Our technology provides a breakdown of each underwriting and pricing guideline, including factors not visible to regulators in the new HMDA report, so you are prepared to defend against any Fair Lending violation “false positives”.

Non-Agency Loans & Fair Lending HMDA Compliance

Designed for Financial Institutions

Built by top engineers with years of mortgage industry expertise, our technology helps you ensure the consistent application of guidelines and regulatory requirements.

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