Instant Decisioning

Originators need immediate and reliable feedback on loan program qualification in order to match every borrower with the right product. Underwriters need to revalidate every loan against applicable program guidelines as they adjust the loan profile based on substantiated numbers. LoanScorecard’s automated underwriting technology brings the same instant decisioning capabilities of a traditional agency AUS to non-agency lending.

Efficiency in Underwriting Loans


Deliver fast, accurate, and consistent credit decisions by automating previously manual processes.

Consistency in the Application of Non-QM Loans Guidelines


Reduce human errors and the need to analyze the loan against hundreds of applicable underwriting guidelines.

Scale Your Non-QM Loan Production


Serve more customers and grow loan production through automation and without the need for additional staff.

Fair Lending Compliance for Portfolio Lending


Ensure that every loan you approve or deny systematically demonstrates ATR and Fair Lending with an “evidence of compliance” you can retain with the file.

Distribute Loan Products Successfully Across Your Retail, Wholesale, and Correspondent Channels

Increase your footprint by providing your own branded product eligibility engine to your third-party originators (TPOs) within their LOS, via the web, or as part of your proprietary portal. LoanScorecard removes the need to sift through detailed rate sheets and ever-changing underwriting guidelines and constantly train account executives with rate changes,  so your originators can focus on bringing you the business that you want.

AUS Engine for 3rd Party Originators

Offer Portfolio Products with Confidence

The process of developing, deploying, and closing portfolio loans is often time-consuming and fraught with challenges. Automated underwriting analysis is the proven way to increase efficiencies across lending channels and reduce Fair Lending risk.

Borrowers Reduce Fair Lending Risk with AUS

Reach Your Business Objectives

To succeed in the competitive mortgage landscape, you need more than great products. Our team works with you to understand your loan programs and implement solutions that will help you achieve your long-term goals, whether they’re increasing profitability, scaling the business, adding efficiencies, or all three.

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Benefits of Automated Underwriting System

Designed for Capital Markets and Financial Institutions by Industry Experts

We are the industry’s leading provider of non-QM and portfolio automated underwriting technology because our solution combines the engineering of top software developers with the expertise of mortgage industry professionals.

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