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In today’s competitive market, more financial institutions are developing products to serve creditworthy borrowers who don’t fit in the traditional agency box. However, offering portfolio products—such as jumbo, non-warrantable condo, investment property, or bank statement loans—comes with unique challenges. We work with you to implement solutions that ensure all loans you hold on your balance sheet are compliant and defensible.

Automate Loan Program Guidelines to Increase Pipeline Production


Increase production and approvals by automating program guidelines and eligibility analysis.

Reduce Underwriting Time For Portfolio Loans


Reduce the time and effort required to prepare and underwrite portfolio loans so you can focus on borrowers.

HMDA Compliance & Fair Lending Risk Reduced


Reduce Fair Lending risk by giving borrowers equal access to all eligible loan options, and determine your required CECL-compliant loan loss reserves for every loan you hold in portfolio.

Portfolio Loans Compliance With Regulatory Audit Trails


Avoid discrepancies and maintain accuracy with defensible loan-level evidence of compliance for regulatory audits or potential claims.

Smarter, Easier Way to Meet Regulatory Challenges

Eliminating error-prone manual processes saves your team time and ensures your lending decisions are supported for regulatory audits or potential claims. We help you establish standard practices for evaluating compensating factors and approving exceptions.

Automate Manual Underwriting Processes of Portfolio Mortgages

Take Your Portfolio Lending to the Next Level

Ensuring your success long after deployment is our goal. We’re the leading provider of automated underwriting and pricing technology because we develop and implement innovative solutions that help you better serve your market.

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Solutions for Automated Underwriting and Pricing

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Our products, customized to your organization, combine the technology of top engineers with the expertise of mortgage industry professionals to help you achieve your goals for your market.

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