Analyze Loan Data Based on Your Specifications

Unlike agency automated underwriting systems (AUS), Portfolio Underwriter can be custom-tailored to reflect the underwriting guidelines of your specific non-agency or portfolio programs. In addition, our AUS reduces human error and potential Fair Lending violations typically associated with manual underwriting processes.

Analyze Loan Data Based on Your Specifications

Provides a clear audit trail

for CFPB reviews and consistency in credit decisioning.


Increases efficiency

and productivity while reducing human error.


Outlines documentation

requirements specific to each individual loan.

Standard Practices

Establishes standard practices

for underwriting, compensating factors, and exception approval.


Generates a detailed underwriting analysis

based on your loan program guidelines, credit policies, and criteria—plus a branded, in-depth findings report.


Enforces rules

regarding any aspect of the 1003 or credit report.

Integrate Portfolio Underwriter with Your Existing Workflows

Leverage Portfolio Underwriter for loans that fall outside of agency parameters. Simply run the system at the same point that Desktop Underwriter (DU) or Loan Product Advisor (LPA) would be run to analyze loan data for unique product guidelines in seconds.

Integrate Portfolio

Dedicated to Your Success Before, During, and After Implementation

Support from Industry Experts

Support from Industry Experts

Our team of leading technologists has significant experience in the mortgage industry, allowing us to fully understand your challenges and implement solutions to help you overcome them.

Easy Onboarding and Ongoing Training

Easy Onboarding and Ongoing Training

Implement Portfolio Underwriter quickly and seamlessly. Our intuitive software ensures you can get up to speed, with training and support resources always available.

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