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FHA Findings

Reconsider your AUS engine with our FHA Findings report

Did you know that Desktop Underwriter and Loan Prospector are not the only AUS engines to provide automated underwriting for FHA loans? LoanScorecard™ was the first commercially available AUS vendor to integrate with FHA TOTAL Scorecard, offering lenders a cost-effective, alternative approach to render FHA decisions.

Our FHA Findings™ report is designed to maximize readability while aiding underwriters with their loan analysis. Each area is clearly defined providing line-by-line detail and special features to help you quickly identify warning areas.

The LoanScorecard AUS engine is used with many major loan origination systems and is accessible from a standalone browser or integrated with a proprietary system. The loan data and FHA Findings can even be delivered from one LoanScorecard client to another while enabling your retail, wholesale or correspondent workflow.

Designed with the underwriter in mind, the FHA Findings report offers unique features

  • Complete loan summary
  • Messaging from mortgagee letters
  • Manual downgrade considerations
  • FHA refer reasons
  • Underwriting warnings
  • Lock out originators from loans in underwriting
  • Accept or reject incoming TPO files
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