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Empower your sales team with point-of-sale pricing tools 24/7 from desktop to mobile

Pricer1™ provides a personalized product and pricing engine for portfolio lenders and originators in the office or on-the-go. With Pricer1, portfolio lenders can instantly distribute their own rates and fees, as well as investor pricing, to their originators digitally without cumbersome rate sheets. Originators then search for pricing based on borrower profiles, product type, rate, margin, and more, to provide instant loan information to borrowers on the go. And if the borrower likes the quote, the originator can even send a lock request at the push of a button right from their smartphone.

Pricer1 is integrated with Calyx Point® and Path®, and is also accessible from any web browser or iOS and Android smartphones. Lenders are provided with a custom branded website, and the new Pricer1 mobile app for their originators. 
With Pricer1 your sales force has flexible options and is empowered to work with borrowers in the office and in the field!

Key features

  • Includes custom-branded website and mobile app with lender logo
  • Performs in-house portfolio products and best execution searches for investor products
  • Tracks and preserves every rate quote and lock request
  • Stores borrower contact information and quote history for CRM-like functionality
  • Provides access to a personalized dashboard of the current day's rates right from your device without waiting for rate sheets
  • Displays borrower-specific eligible products and pricing options in seconds
  • Allows each user to save pre-configured, typical scenarios to save time
  • Provides product and pricing access to referral partners, builders and realtors via your website or smartphone app
  • Includes administrative function for easy user maintenance
  • Sends rate lock requests at the click of a button
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