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QM Findings

Ensure you're QM compliant with our QM Findings report

Exclusively from LoanScorecard™, QM Findings™ - the first viable QM solution on the market – delivers immediate results to let you know whether your loans are sellable under the new rules.

With decisioning based on available loan data and the CFPB's individual requirements for QM, LoanScorecard takes the guesswork out of QM compliance with a comprehensive, quantifiable report for the retainable evidence needed beginning next year. With QM Findings, you can retain the necessary documentation with your loan to support your lending decision in the event of an investor review, regulatory audit or potential claim.

Highlights include

  • Pulls data directly from your loan or LOS
  • Clearly displays calculations for points, fees, APR, APOR, DTI and qualified rate
  • Includes points and fees cushions in the total analysis
  • Provides snapshots of reports taken in real time
  • Runs multiple reports for each loan and saves them separately for audit purposes
  • Explains and confirms assessment with QM messaging
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