Streamline CECL Calculations

Generate loan-level CECL analyses to ensure accuracy and compliance for all loans originated, including those with a policy exception. Calculate loan loss reserves under the new regulation with the push of a button and without leaving your LOS. In addition, you can leverage SimpleCECL for loans already on your balance sheet.


Adds compliance and accuracy

for all loans originated, including those with a policy exception.


Eliminates guesswork

for complicated calculations to determine reserve amounts.


Creates a detailed record for audit purposes

documenting the loan-loss amount with supporting calculations.


Provides results for three scenarios:

a base case, an adverse case, and a severe case.

Helping You Accomplish Your Business Objectives from Day One


Backed by a Leading Provider of Risk Analytics

SimpleCECL combines the proprietary credit and prepayment forecasting model and related analytics from Andrew Davidson & Co., Inc., with LoanScorecard technology. The result is a system that allows financial institutions to easily calculate loan loss reserves and comply with CECL.


Training When You Need It

Designed to integrate with your existing workflow and systems, SimpleCECL is easy to implement and use. Online training and resources are available to help you stay on top of software updates.

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