Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions Automates the Pre-Qual Process

New, Non-QM Eligibility Engine Delivers Instant Answers to Loan Officers and Account Execs

Atlanta, August 13, 2019 – Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, LLC, the nation’s leading wholesale and correspondent non-QM lender, announced today that it has launched QuickQual, an advanced loan tool that will significantly enhance the ease and speed at which loan officers (LOs) can determine borrower eligibility for non-QM loans.

QuickQual, powered by LoanScorecard, delivers loan eligibility decisions, which used to take up to 24 hours, in a matter of minutes. The automated underwriting system (AUS) instantly produces a loan eligibility report, which is also sent to the appropriate Angel Oak account executive (AE). If the report indicates a successful pass, the LO can submit the loan with another click of a button. If the results flag any issues, the AE can view the full file and all the analytics behind it to identify potential challenges and address them.

“Customer service is in our DNA, and it was the starting point in designing QuickQual,” said Tom Hutchens, Executive Vice President of Production at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. “We realized right away that we couldn’t use an off-the-shelf solution. We’ve spent the last 18 months working collaboratively with LoanScorecard to develop a custom solution that elegantly addresses the LO’s need for speed and confidence and, at the same time, aligns with our world class AE expertise. It also aligns with our current processes, including the Salesforce integration to ensure a smooth transition.”

He added, “In terms of AE productivity, QuickQual significantly reduces the time that would have gone into manual prequals, and will free up significant time each day—time that can now be spent working with clients and getting deals done.”

Ben Wu, Executive Director at LoanScorecard, said, “We’re extremely pleased that an industry leader like Angel Oak is using our AUS technology to expand the non-QM market and to deliver a high-level of personalized service.”


About Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, LLC

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, a leader in alternative lending solutions, is the top wholesale and correspondent provider of non-qualified mortgage loans in the nation. Its team of mortgage experts continues to pioneer a fresh, commonsense approach to overcoming today’s mortgage lending challenges. The team operates in 44 states, and their breadth of non-QM products expands the pool of borrowers by offering partners more opportunities to grow their business and better serve their customers.

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